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How do we make the most innovative tech available for our clients?

Our Lab’ collaborates with numerous research laboratories in France to co-develop the technologies that will shape tomorrow’s industries.

Providing value through Research & Development

By focusing on exploiting and enhancing data, the 5 Degrés Lab’ develops technologies based on Artificial Intelligence, a tool for operational performance, and exploits new revenue opportunities.

In order to help our clients take advantage of these new opportunities, the Lab’ relies on a team of engineers, doctors and developers in Data Science, its network of research partners, and a proven methodology.

The Lab’ 5 Degrés proposal


5 DEGRÉS Lab supports its research partners and clients in the framing of their projects: identifying the issues, contexts and objectives of the project. 5 Degrés relies on a technical expertise constituted by its network of research partners and its team of engineers/researchers in data science.

Our expertise:

Project framing / State of the art / Scientific contributions


We support our clients in converting research results into workable products and solutions. Our scientific approach following the principles of Agile Methodologies and Lean Startup allows us to develop projects minimizing time and money wastage by proceeding through successive test, measurement, and evaluation loops.

Our expertise :

PoC, MVP, prototyping, the OKR method


5 DEGRÉS Lab supports its customers in the application and industrialization of their Artificial Intelligence tools (see our case studies). The Lab’ relies on our Product Management and Digital Engineering teams for an efficient deployment on the market and to coach the skills and methodologies needed to support the change.

Our expertise :

PO / QA/ Devs / UX / Change management

Our certifications and accreditations

Confidential defense

Our success stories

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