Exploration Lab

We collaborate with numerous research laboratories in France to co-develop the technologies that will shape tomorrow's industry.

Defense Confidential

Creating value

By focusing on the exploitation and enhancement of data, we develop technologies based on Artificial Intelligence, a lever for operational performance, and exploit new revenue opportunities.

To support our customers in exploiting these new opportunities, we rely on a team of Data Science Engineers, Doctors and Developers, our network of research partners and a proven methodology.

The art of of exploration

We support our research partners and customers in framing their projects: identifying issues, contexts and project objectives. To this end, we draw on the technical expertise of our network of research partners and our team of Data Science Engineers and Researchers.

Setting the project course

Deciphering the existing situation

Innovations and scientific contributions

The prototyping prototyping lab

We support our clients in transforming research discoveries into actionable products and solutions. Our scientific approach follows the principles of Agile Methodologies and Lean Startup, enabling us to develop projects that minimize wasted time and money by proceeding through successive loops of testing, measurement and evaluation.

PoC concept

MVP creation

The art of prototyping

OKR strategy

From idea to to reality

We support our clients in the application and industrialization of their Artificial Intelligence tools. To this end, we rely on our Product Mangement and Digital Engineering teams for effective deployment on the market, and coach the skills and methodologies needed to support change.

Project management (PO)

Quality assurance (QA)

Team of developers (Devs)

User experience (UX)

Change management

Our use use cases

An innovative project?

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