5 Degrés helps mass retailers manage their supply chain.

The project

Since 2018, 5 Degrés has been working on the PackDiff development project with the IT department of a leading retailer. The project aims to support the partner in the design of packaging and packaging sold under the private label.  

Until now, our partner had to manually check that the newly designed packaging matched the product it contained.

Our customer, concerned about the legal repercussions of this iterative and time-consuming process, commissioned us to develop and automate the current process.

The target objective was to make packaging design more reliable and to save time in verifying conformity with the product. 

To meet this challenge, our partner needed to be able to automatically check the conformity between the data present on the packaging and the source file (cataloguing product data). On the other hand, he wanted to be able to compare different versions of packaging to meet the needs of marketing teams.

The result

In order to meet these needs, we have co-developed with our partner a text/pictogram recognition and analysis software that extracts data from packaging files (PDF) and source files, compares them, and highlights their differences.  

Result: This software has considerably improved the reliability of the data recorded on the packaging, and has multiplied the efficiency of the product conformity verification service thanks to automation.

Coming soon

Coming up: We will explore the adaptation of the text recognition model (currently adapted to Latin languages) to Semitic languages, with an additional constraint on ligature characters.