5 reasons to join us

Joining 5 Degrés means joining an ambitious company that values initiative and gives its employees the means to turn their ideas into reality.

An organization in Practices

To meet the challenges of our customers and our teams, we have organized ourselves into 5 Practices covering the entire digital product creation chain. Each Practice has a Practice Leader whose mission is to lead this community of experts and help it grow.

This organization encourages the sharing of experience and best practices, while promoting skills development. In concrete terms, this means setting up rituals, ceremonies and events, as well as customized mentoring and coaching programs.

We invest in our communities by providing them with the human and financial resources they need to develop their ideas and contribute to the agency's value creation.

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A stimulating stimulating

Experts in the field of digital Product, we offer a stimulating and varied work environment. Our aim is to bring together people with a passion for Product, motivated by the desire to create exceptional digital experiences and take on the boldest challenges.

Working with companies in all sectors (transport, luxury goods, media, retail, banking/insurance, energy, telecoms, industry, etc.) and of all sizes (startups, manufacturers, digital pure players, major groups seeking innovation), we offer our teams the opportunity to evolve in a variety of contexts.

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A people-centred approach

Our employees' well-being is our top priority. We attach particular importance to finding the mission that perfectly aligns with their professional aspirations and co-construct with them their tailor-made career plan.

We also make it a point of honor to support them in their day-to-day work with our customers, by providing regular follow-up and personalized support in their area of expertise.

Our employees contribute fully to shaping an agency in their own image, where every point of view is valued. Joining 5 Degrés means joining an adventure on a human scale, where proximity, collaboration and innovation are the watchwords.

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A company committed

Convinced that a company cannot confine itself to its field of expertise, we have chosen to extend our responsibility to social, societal and environmental issues. As such, integrating the development of positive actions for society as a whole into our strategy is an integral part of our values.

We are committed to actively involving our employees and raising their awareness of the issues to which we are committed. This takes the form of internal initiatives to promote sustainability, social well-being and ethical practices. In this way, everyone can suggest improvements or take the initiative.

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An active active

At 5 Degrés, internal life is dynamic and full of life! We believe in the importance of cultivating an environment where people enjoy their work, thus promoting the well-being and productivity of everyone.

We enjoy getting together on a regular basis, whether it's for official meetings or more informal get-togethers around an activity, a drink or a shared passion. These exchanges strengthen our bonds, stimulate our creativity and nurture our team spirit, helping to make our company a great place to live and work.

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