Our apprentices have their say!

November 10 is International Internship Day! The aim of this day is to highlight their role within the companies that host them, and to draw attention to this springboard to employment. 

At 5 DEGRES, we are convinced that our apprentices add value to our teams. That's why we're committed to providing them with the best possible environment for their integration, fulfillment and professional development throughout their time with us.

On this special day, we invite you to find out more about their respective professions and working environments!

Check out the interviews with Ahmed, Enzo, Clémentine, Sarah, Yanis and Kiera.

Can you tell us about your career as a work-study student at 5 Degrés and the main tasks you've accomplished so far? so far?

ENZO: I've been Business Manager at 5 DEGRES for almost two years now. I work in particular on Product Management projects, with a focus on developing sales skills. I contribute to team coordination, customer needs analysis and product management strategy.


CLÉMENTINE: As part of a work-study program at 5 DEGRES to validate my Master's degree in Human Resources Management, I took up the position of Sales and Personnel Administration Officer for the Group last September. My responsibilities include invoicing, payment tracking, employee entry and exit formalities, payroll and office management.


KIERA: I've been in charge of communications and digital marketing since January 2023. I work on internal and external communications, marketing and events. I occasionally contribute to CSR projects, which are particularly close to my heart, having completed a Bachelor's degree in Green, Social & Digital Business. I've been lucky enough to work for the Toulouse and Paris agencies.


SARAH: My work-study experience at 5 DEGRES has been an enriching adventure. As a Business Manager, I get to work on a variety of exciting projects. My main tasks are to develop customer relations, identify business opportunities and supervise a team of consultants. I also actively contribute to the development of sales strategies aimed at stimulating the company's growth. I was able to take advantage of a mobility scheme for the second year of my contract with 5 DEGRES: I spent my first year in Paris and am now part of the Bordeaux team.


AHMED: I've been HR Development Officer since October 2023. I help identify and recruit new talent and support the HR team in improving processes (onboarding, recruitment, etc.).


YANIS: I've been Management Controller since last September, and I'm involved in the Group's operational management control, in particular in drawing up monthly income statement forecasts, updating the weekly business review and producing financial indicators to guide management in their short- and medium-term strategic choices.

How has your experience as a work-study student at 5 DEGRES helped you to develop your skills?

AHMED: My work-study experience helps me to develop my skills in several ways: I put my theoretical knowledge into practice, hone my technical skills through real-life projects, improve my interpersonal skills by working with different people, and develop my complex situation-solving skills by facing real-life challenges.


KIERA: I play a very versatile role in the Com' team! It allows me to work on a wide variety of subjects, and to continually develop my skills. I get to put all the theory I learn at school into practice, which helps me to strengthen my understanding and deepen my learning. Since the start of my work-study program, I've gained in autonomy and, above all, in responsibility for subjects that interest me and are close to my heart. 


SARAH: My experience as a work-study student was a real forge of skills. I developed crucial skills in negotiation, communication, project management and leadership. This experience has enabled me to improve my data analysis and my ability to make informed decisions.

Is there a specific project or achievement as a work-study student that you're particularly proud of and would like to share? you'd like to share?

ENZO: I'm particularly proud of having succeeded in establishing solid customer relationships during my work-study period at 5 DEGRES, in particular by being able to open up major accounts. This success was the result of creating and maintaining positive business relationships with major customers, demonstrating our commitment to serving our partners to the best of our ability.


SARAH: One achievement I'm particularly proud of as a work-study student at 5 DEGRES is having had the opportunity to support the world leader in the automotive industry through the coordination of three Consultants on assignment. It was an exceptional experience that reinforced my professional skills and self-confidence.


KIERA: Having done very few events before joining 5 DEGRES, I'm particularly proud of the meet-ups, parties and team-buildings I've been able to organize since January. The Toulouse Summer Party, which took place in July 2023, was the biggest event I've organized so far! 

How does your tutor support you in carrying out your assignments? your assignments?

YANIS: My tutor Valentin(Director of Finance and Administration) provides me with stimulating support, with an emphasis on professional challenges, which enriches my experience in controlling. His trust-based approach encourages me to take initiative and explore new approaches, even when this involves challenges. He pushes me to go beyond my limits, offering constant support while allowing me to take responsibility, which helps to strengthen my skills and self-confidence. Thanks to his dynamic and confidence-building tutoring style, I am significantly strengthening my professional understanding and skills. 


AHMED: My mentor Hermeline( HumanResources Manager ) plays an essential role in my career as a work-study student. She provides me with invaluable advice and guidance to help me understand the tasks assigned to me. Thanks to her experience and knowledge, she helps me overcome the obstacles I face and develop my professional skills. She is always available to answer my questions, discuss my progress and encourage me to achieve my goals. 


KIERA: My mentor Mélanie(Head of Communications & Marketing) provides me with ongoing support and relevant advice. She gives me the means to succeed and trusts me in the assignments she delegates to me. I'm delighted to be part of her team! 

Any advice you'd give to future apprentices considering joining joining 5 Degrees?

KIERA: Stay curious! There are so many interesting people with rich backgrounds and relevant advice at 5 DEGRES, so make the most of it! Don't hesitate to ask questions and make suggestions - you'll always be listened to.


CLÉMENTINE: For future apprentices considering joining 5 DEGRES, I'd say don't hesitate. Be open, ask questions and let yourself be drawn into the wonderful 5 DEGRES adventure. You're sure to find a tutor and colleagues who are there to help you, advise you, help you grow and integrate you into the team.


SARAH: For future apprentices at 5 DEGRES, my advice would be to stay curious and constantly seek learning. The industry is changing fast, so be proactive, ask questions and never underestimate the importance of team collaboration.

At 5 Degrés, the professional development and professional fulfillment of our employees is a priority. That's why we want our apprentices to grow, develop their skills and make their mark.

Would you like to join a dynamic and caring team? Are you looking for a company to carry out your next work-study program or end-of-study internship? 

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