A look back at QVCT week at 5 Degrés

The aim of Quality of Life and Working Conditions Week (QWLW) is to encourage companies to ask themselves the right questions about their social responsibility, and to raise employee awareness of the importance of a healthy, balanced working environment. 

Because the well-being of our teams is important to us, and we're committed to offering them the best possible experience at our customers' sites, we've decided to commit ourselves to various actions throughout the week, in Paris and Toulouse.

Shall we tell you about it?


Questionnaire on Psycho-Social Risks: "How are you doing?", identifying and preventing PSR factors

Did you know?

Psychosocial risks (PSR) are a major issue in occupational health today. Their consequences impact not only on employees' health, but also on the way companies operate: staff demotivation, absenteeism, damage to the company's image...

We are convinced that individual and collective awareness of these factors enables us to identify the actions we need to take to alleviate them. Conducted by @ Thomas BRESSON, HR Development Officer and Occupational Psychologist at 5 DEGRES, this questionnaire enabled us to take stock of the well-being of our employees on assignment and better understand their customer environment: stress, meaning of work, social relations, workload, etc.


Stress Management Workshop: Unleash your potential and thrive at work!

Did you know?

A Harvard study revealed that happy employees are half as sick as others. Unfortunately, France ranks 3rd among European countries with the most cases of depression at work.

That's why we wanted our employees to attend a workshop on stress management and learn how to better manage it on a daily basis. In particular, they were able to learn how to identify their sources of stress and, by modifying their perception, transform them into a motivating force. The workshop ended with a short meditation session to put their learning into practice.


Nutrition workshop: Fuel for top performance! 

Did you know?

According to the International Labour Organization, a balanced diet can increase our performance at work by 20%.

Wednesday's nutrition workshop taught the team the basics of healthy eating and the importance of hydration. They also learned how to decipher food labels, studied the usefulness of dietary supplements and discovered balanced, easy-to-make menus.


Sleep workshop: Reawaken your energy and well-being!

Did you know? 

According to INSERM, insomnia affects 15-20% of the French population. The COVID-19 pandemic has only worsened the situation, now affecting almost 70% of us!

This new workshop focused on sleep, an often neglected aspect of quality of life at work. The main themes? How sleep works, its disruptors and their consequences. They discovered practical techniques and tips to improve their quality of sleep. The workshop ended with a relaxing visualization session and a 15-minute power nap.


Quiz on the 2023 theme: "Transitions and work, are we talking about it?"

Did you know?

Each year, ANACT identifies a theme for the QWL week and launches a consultation to this end (the results right: here). For 2023, the focus has been on current transitions (ecological, digital, societal, etc.) and their direct impact on work.

On this last day, we chose to raise our employees' awareness of these issues through a fun quiz on our Maslo challenge platform. The aim? To get them to question / become aware of the impact of these transitions on their work, and vice versa.


At 5 Degrés, QVCT is more than just a week in the year. We are committed to improving and reinforcing the fulfillment and well-being of our employees on a daily basis!

That's why we propose :

🧡 A strong corporate culture where caring, transparency, sharing and honesty are the watchwords.

🤝 Close monitoring, with each employee supported by a "Practice Leader / HR / Business Manager" trio.

🌟 A Practices organization with the same level of importance between the Business objectives and the professional/personal objectives of our employees.

💼 Varied and challenging assignments in all business sectors: energy, luxury goods, transport, retail, finance, etc.

🚆 Easier mobility between Practices or geographical locations so that everyone is in the right place, whether in Paris, Bordeaux or Toulouse.

✏️ Training to further develop our skills.

🌟 Task Forces to take part and get involved in exciting internal projects.

🥂 Regular, convivial moments to strengthen team cohesion.

... and much, much more!

For us, QHCT is more than just offering our employees coffee beans, table soccer or seasonal fruit. So you see, at 5 DEGRES, QHCT is an integral part of our values!

Looking to join a dynamic, caring team? Come and join us!

To find out more about QWL, click here.

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