A look back at the Design Vernissage

On Thursday, April 27, 2023, the Toulouse-based members of the Product Design Practice organized a unique and enriching afterwork: a " vernissage " evening! 

The Practice's seven designers participated in the creation of an "exhibition" structured around six interactive workshops, each focusing on a specific aspect of their expertise. The main aim of the event was to familiarize 5 Degrés consultants and in-house staff with the role of UX/UI Designer, and to explain in greater detail the different facets of this constantly evolving profession. 

Start of the evening

As soon as they arrived, guests were warmly greeted with a welcome cup. The evening began with a fun quiz on the professions, aimed at identifying the prejudices and clichés often associated with UX/UI Design. Participants were challenged to test their knowledge to debunk some common stereotypes.

Julian: "Design is thought transformed into experiences".

Julian's workshop immersed us in the fascinating world of micro-interactions (animations triggered by a user action or page load), highlighting the importance of detail in designing an ergonomic and enjoyable user experience. Julian made us aware of how these small interactions can make all the difference to the overall perception of an application or website. Through the creation of an interface with an elaborate user path, Julian enabled us to discover for ourselves the impact of micro-interactions. Each subtle animation and interactive response contributed to increased user engagement, understanding and satisfaction. Julian's workshop showed us just how crucial these often unnoticed details can be in delivering a fluid, intuitive user experience.

Lise: "Is design wise?"

Lise's workshop took us to the heart of the field and the importance of meeting users in the daily life of a UX/UI Designer. Her workshop revolved around the intriguing question " Is design wise? " drawing a parallel with the cult of wisdom. Lise reminded us that to be wise, we must avoid seeing evil, hearing evil and speaking evil. In this context, she emphasized the importance of getting in touch with users in the field to understand their usage environment, expectations and needs. Sometimes, to be a good Designer, you have to abstain from certain senses so as not to influence the findings. Lise gave us some concrete examples, such as user interviews, where you have to refrain from seeing to avoid prematurely focusing on the solution; observation sessions, where you have to refrain from listening, as actions speak louder than words; and user tests, where it's better to refrain from speaking to encourage discovery and not guide the user. Lise's workshop helped us better understand the importance of remaining open, attentive and humble when interacting with users, in order to truly understand their needs and create optimal experiences.

Ophélie: "Creativity is intelligence that has fun".

Ophélie's workshop was a real immersion in the world of Design Systems and industrialization. She guided us through the key concepts, explaining what a Design System really is, what it's used for and who uses it. Ophélie highlighted how a library of reusable components can guarantee greater consistency and efficiency in user interface design. Participants were able to discover the many benefits of a well-designed Design System, including streamlining design processes, reducing repetitive effort and creating a seamless user experience. Thanks to Ophélie's workshop, we understood the strategic importance of a Design System and its essential role in designing consistent, high-performance user interfaces.

Amandine: "The essence of a project is the perfect harmony between the aesthetic, the useful and the just. the aesthetic, the useful and the just".

Amandine's workshop highlighted the distinction between UX (user experience) and UI (user interface ) through a captivating analogy. She compared these two fields to the Architect and the Interior Designer, highlighting the fact that each plays an essential role in the creation of a successful digital product. Using concrete examples, Amandine showed that we all do UX and UI in our daily lives, whether it's organizing our closets, sorting or designing the layout of a room according to its functionality. Participants learned to distinguish between these two complementary fields, and to understand how they work together to create attractive, intuitive digital products. Amandine's workshop clarified the respective roles of UX and UI, and provided consultants with concrete examples that made it easy to understand the nuance between the two.

Matthieu: "The UI is the saddle, stirrups and reins; the UX is the feeling when we we ride".

During Matthieu's workshop, we were introduced to the essential transition between UX and UI through a time lapse video and a fascinating case study. Matthieu guided us step by step through the process of creating a graphical interface for a client. He revealed the secrets of how to go from a simple ergonomic concept to a convincing, functional interface. Using a time-lapse video of a real-life case study, Matthieu illustrated the process and explained the importance of harmony between the user experience and the visual interface. His workshop popularized the transitional stages between UX and UI to create interfaces that meet user needs while offering attractive aesthetics.

Axel: " Less is more

Axel's "work", entitled " Less is More ", was the highlight of the evening's opening, despite the Designer's physical absence. His painting, with its simplicity and minimalism, captured attention. Axel conveyed a strong message through his work, highlighting the power of simplicity in artistic creation. His painting reflected the idea that sometimes, by eliminating superfluous elements and focusing on the essential, we can create a powerful and striking aesthetic. Even in his absence, Axel was able to bring his distinctive touch to the vernissage.

Romain: "Alone we go faster, together we go further".

Romain's workshop was a highlight of the evening around the construction of a catapult, which illustrated in a tangible way the value of collaboration and communication in the design process. Participants were divided into teams and challenged to design and build a functional catapult in just 10 minutes. This exercise highlighted the importance of exchanging ideas, group problem-solving and coordination to achieve a common goal. Each participant quickly realized that the success of the task depended on the ability to work together, listen actively and help each other. At the end of the workshop, each participant was able to take ownership of an essential key word drawn from the real-life experience, allowing lessons to be shared and checking whether theoretical concepts were confirmed in practice. Romain's workshop was an outstanding experience, highlighting in a playful and concrete way the importance of collaboration and communication in the design process.

Teams were able to test their freshly-built catapults around a ping-pong ball throw. In an atmosphere of friendly competition, participants gathered to observe the results of their collective efforts. They were able to see the results of their design choices and collaboration as they watched their balls reach varying distances

Burger Quizz

The Burger Quiz at the end of the evening was a moment of entertainment and a test of the knowledge acquired throughout the evening. Participants gathered around this convivial game, which allowed them to test their understanding of the key concepts of the UX/UI Designer profession. Clever questions and playful challenges created a fun and competitive atmosphere. The consultants were able to put their newly acquired knowledge into practice, recalling the workshops, discussions and lessons shared throughout the evening. The Burger Quizz offered a fun opportunity to consolidate and reinforce their understanding of the field, while encouraging interaction and exchange between participants. It was a fun and rewarding way to put into practice the skills acquired during the evening, and to close the event on a positive and entertaining note.


The "vernissage" evening of the Product Design Practice in Toulouse was a truly enriching experience for our staff. Through a variety of interactive activities such as workshops, quizzes and lively discussions, they were able to delve more concretely into the different dimensions of the UX/UI Designer profession.

The evening enabled us all to leave with a clearer vision of the essential and complementary role of UX and UI Designers in the design of high-performance, sustainable digital products

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