The environment, a value in our processes

At 5 Degrés, we pay particular attention to social issues. For several months now, we have been examining the environmental impact of our sector, and more specifically of our own actions. With this in mind, we called on Greenfish to carry out a Carbon Footprint for our company.

According toADEME, a carbon footprint "is an assessment of the quantity of greenhouse gases emitted (or captured) into the atmosphere over one year by the activities of an organization or territory". It takes into account various emission items such as energy, food, digital technology and travel.

Committed to various initiatives since the beginning of the 5 Degrés adventure, this study enables us to obtain an initial assessment to date and to identify our areas for improvement.

Our Carbon Footprint 2021 / 2022

Our total emissions amount to 125tCO2eq, which represents about fifteen round-the-world trips by car. This figure corresponds to the average for ESN companies (1.5tCO2eq per year and per employee).

👉 Waste sorting

A number of emissions items performed well (a fairly low tCO2eq compared with the room for manoeuvre), such as waste, which was equivalent to 4.5tCO2eq. This shows that we are on the right track (installation of sorting garbage cans, recycling of cigarette butts, provision of reusable crockery).

👉 Energy

Our GHG emissions linked to energy amount to 17.7tCO2eq. It is difficult to drastically reduce this emissions item. However, we hope that the automated heating and lighting system we now have in our new premises will enable us to further reduce our emissions in this area.

👉 Travel

As far as travel is concerned, teleworking is now strongly encouraged, enabling us to limit our use of transport. This item currently represents 16tCO2eq, or 12% of our total emissions.

👉 Digital

Digital technology is a more important emission factor than we might think. On the contrary, it's not immaterial. That's why we've already taken steps to limit our impact. These include the green development of our website, the sorting of our IT equipment, the purchase of reconditioned equipment and regular reminders to sort our mailboxes.

Finally, awareness-raising workshops are also held for our employees on the themes of CSR, Green IT and eco-design.

Our next objectives :

We are convinced that it is possible to improve our performance while reducing our carbon footprint. We therefore have a number of projects underway with a view to reducing our GHG emissions as much as possible by 2023.

👉 F eeding

Reducing our teams' consumption of red meat to 1-2 meals a week could cut our emissions by almost 10tCO2eq, or more than a round-the-world flight. Offering more vegetarian options and favoring seasonal/local produce at our internal events is a first response we'll be making.

At our latest Secret Santa, our employees were treated to a 100% veggie buffet.

👉 Travel

From now on, train travel will be systematically preferred to air travel, especially between our Paris and Toulouse offices.

👉 Digital

With the aim of deepening our digital behaviors, we have launched the migration to an eco-responsible cloud. We also intend to offer our consultants technical training in the development of eco-designed products.

🎯 Continuous improvement

We will also repeat the Bilan Carbone exercise every 2 years. Our main objective is to install all these solutions on a long-term basis.

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