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Are you looking for a consulting agency in Paris to help you bring digital services and connected products to market? 5 DEGRÉS, consulting agency in Paris tells you more about who we are and how we can help you shine.

L'ADN 5 DEGRÉS - Consulting agency Consulting in Paris

Shall we introduce ourselves?

5 Degrés is a consulting agency specializing in Product Management. We support our customers, whatever their size or sector. With specialists tailored to their needs.

We offer follow-up to our experts working directly with our customers. 5 Degrés puts the well-being of its consultants at the heart of its process through skills development. We develop our talents so that they are in a position to respond to the assignments they may be entrusted with.

What drives us every day

Our philosophy at 5 DEGREES is that everyone can be the master of their own destiny, and give their best to ensure the success of their goals.

Our value lies in the unfailing monitoring and support of our consultants, which translates into training courses, certifications, regular updates, and organization into centers of expertise.

In three words, 5 DEGREES is holacracy, benevolence and learning.

Exploration Lab

Visit Lab' 5 DEGRÉS develops technologies based on Artificial Intelligence, a lever for operational performance, and exploits new revenue opportunities.

To help its customers exploit these new opportunities, the Lab' relies on a team of engineers, PhDs and developers in Data Science, its network of research partners, and a proven methodology.

Enabling you to create innovative services

At 5 DEGRÉS, a Paris-based consulting agency, we meet our customers'digital acceleration challenges by offering them the right skills from our best talents: Product Management, Quality Assurance, UX/UI Designer, Data, Edge Computing, Development, Agile Management...

Our practice is made up of Product Managers and Product Owners, connected to all the other practices. Our aim is to create synergies that will enable us to offer problem-solving products with real value and a real raison d'être.

Our philosophy is to constantly challenge the product to be as faithful as possible to user needs, and to make progress with each delivery.

Our Product Managers and Product Owners plan, prioritize, coordinate, break down ideas, understand and communicate with the various business areas, in order to build a relevant roadmap.

Our Practice is made up of Product Owners and Product Managers, all of whom are passionate about agility, and most of whom are certified. By joining your teams, their ambition will be to support you in the launch or evolution of your products in line with your users' expectations and your objectives.

Our 5 Girls and 5 Guys evolve within the Product Practice: sharing experience and inspiring practices, monitoring and exchanging with the Product community. From Discovery to Delivery, they will put their expertise at the service of your teams and your Products in defining your strategy, organization and agile practices.

Our team ofquality assurance engineers offers end-to-end support.

From the definition of a user-centric and modular testing strategy, through the implementation of automation tools, to the measurement of post-production KPIs, our specialists optimize the recipe phases to make them as energy-efficient as possible.

A passionate, multi-talented multi-talented

A young, inspired, passionate and motivated team, our team is united to develop 5 DEGRÉS into the benchmark in digital product management. All our members, whether specialized in Quality AssuranceUX/UI Designer, Data or Edge Computing, can add their contribution to the life of our company!

Core competencies

It's the versatility of our talents that enables 5 DEGRÉS to meet the demands of its customers as aconsulting agency. The responsiveness of our specialists, who enhance the quality of our services. Thesupport and management of our teams enable us to carry out our missions in the best possible conditions.

All these qualities are concentrated in 5 DEGREES to ensure its successful evolution.

Got a project in mind? Whether it's websites, applications, connected objects, a virtual assistant, a mobility solution or a digital workspace.

You don't have the necessary skills within your teams to ensure that your projects run smoothly?

5 DEGRÉS, consulting agency in Pariswill be delighted to advise you! Our role is to support you through our services by providing you with qualified experts for the duration of your projects.

We are committed to providing an optimal working environment for both the successful completion of your projects and the professional fulfillment of our employees.