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In our era where the world is changing rapidly, digital transformation has profoundly changed our lifestyles and our ways of working. To continue to develop and remain competitive, companies must adapt, in particular through the digitalization of processes, otherwise they will be ousted by the competition.

Only, nowadays, very few companies exploit digital correctly despite the fact that this tool is precious and that it is also a good way to improve performance. Calling on an agency specializing in digital transformation can then prove to be of great help.

5 degrees, an agency specializing in digital transformation in Paris, tells you a little more about it.

Do you have a digital transformation project?

What does the term “digital transformation” mean?

The term “digital transformation” refers to the integration of new technologies into all of the company’s activities to simplify the work of employees and improve their performance. The digitization of processes significantly changes the way companies work and allows them to better meet the needs of consumers.

Why is digital transformation essential for companies?

In order to stay competitive in an ever-changing marketplace, businesses must adapt quickly. Most use digital to provide their prospects and customers with relevant and modern experiences through their website, social networks and applications.

Facilitate the work of your employees

Thanks to digital transformation, you can enrich the experience of your employees by implementing innovative software and applications. This will allow your employees to easily communicate with each other, easily plan their day and their tasks. Thus, their quality of life at work is more pleasant, which will encourage them to remain loyal to their company but above all, they will always be more efficient and motivated.

Improve the customer experience

There is a lot of competition, users have a lot of choice, hence the importance of offering innovative services or products to oust the competition.

Offering different and effective experiences allows customers and prospects to be loyal.

Digitize products

Digitalizationcan be used to improve your company’s products or services, for example by using connected or voice-activated devices.

Digital transformation also allows you to set up an agile system that will allow you to adapt to rapid changes, the new needs of your customers and to innovate constantly.

Improve processes

Finally, digital transformation helps to digitize processes, streamline workflow and automate tasks, allowing companies to improve their productivity.

The main stages of process digitization

Diagnosis of internal company processes

This step is essential because it is important to measure the degree of automation of the processes within the internal organization of the company in order to determine how the company will be able to manage this change.

This task can be complicated for companies that mobilize a large number of actors over a short period. This can affect the overall efficiency of the company, hence the importance of this diagnosis.

Digitization of internal and external business processes

The goal is to define variables that allow messages to be personalized and dematerialized, to create email templates, to organize reminders and to define controls so that the quality of the information is reliable.

This step is also an opportunity to set up an online payment and digital signature process.

This is also the time to deploy the website in order to make it more efficient and to develop an application if necessary.

Testing and measuring productivity gains

Testing and measuring your gains is a good way to involve and integrate your employees in the digitalization project. This will avoid any unpleasant surprises and destabilization of employees after this important change.

Deployment of digital solutions and change management

This last step is crucial because it is above all a question of explaining this process to the teams so that they adopt it more easily. The goal is to show them the benefits of a new digitalization process in which their skills and performance are valued.

A digitalization process is based on strategic thinking, on marketing positioning and differentiation criteria, and on the organization of communication.

All the teams of an organization are impacted by this process which is conducted from a strategic angle where information and communication are essential elements of success.

Do you have a digital transformation project?