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This is an important subject to retain your employees, develop new talents, or discover new ones. The quality of life at work requires a transparent and attentive management. To allow the satisfactory progress of the actions in the company but also the well-being of the employees.

The Quality of Life at Work week

QLW applies to various social issues, such as gender equality, work-life balance, working conditions, accessibility, internal evolution, etc.

To this end, a week dedicated to these topics was set up by the national and regional agencies for the improvement of working conditions in the 2000s. A week that continues to be meaningful in terms of the evolution of the world of work.

The importance of listening to your employees

In fact, 4 out of 10 working people are considering changing jobs for a more meaningful one, according to an Opinion Way survey for Anact, published on the occasion of the opening of the Quality of Life at Work Week, which took place from 20 to 24 June 2022.

At the request of Anact, Opinion Way conducted a survey on the relationship at work and the conditions of employee commitment. This survey highlights several important points, which allow us to understand the evolution of the world of work and the people involved.

It shows that many workers express a gap between what they expected from a “meaningful” job and their current job, including insufficient remuneration (34%) and a lack of recognition (32%). They would like to be able to develop and advance their careers through their work (31%). But also to be able to express themselves more freely and make suggestions about their work (23%). They aspire to managerial practices more in line with their values (32%), to be able to work in better conditions (24%) but also with a positive impact of their work in terms of ecology (36%).

A transparent and beneficial objective

This study focuses on human relations at work, with questions such as the degree of integration of the employee in the group or the support received by his managers. For the people interviewed, 3 dimensions contribute to giving meaning to work:

The feeling of usefulness of a job (whether it is to feel useful to society, to the population, to the beneficiaries/clients, or to the company),

– The concordance between personal and professional values

– The capacity of the work to contribute to the development of each individual (possibility to express oneself at work, to learn, to progress, and to evolve professionally…).

A collective approach for the future

This survey also shows that far from the representation of a quest for meaning at work among individuals, companies must respond to these inspirations. This implies collective approaches to better recognize work, to perform it in good conditions, to build career paths for all.

All the steps taken towards the QLW  (Quality of Life and Working Conditions) are levers for progress in management but also in human terms.

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